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What can I help you accomplish?


On-Demand strength training

Run Faster, Stronger

Discover how you can build strength, run faster, and reduce your risk of injury. It's not about running more miles, or not eating. It's about building strength and I'll show you how.

Run Coaching

Reach your running goals

Whether a beginner or elite runner, a running coach can help you form good running habits to stemming injuries. I blend nearly 25 years of knowledge and joy of running in coaching runners of all ages and abilities.


Runners Clubhouse

Introducing My FREE Private Facebook Group

Looking to get back into running, interested in mingling with other runners, or just ready to run that bucket list distance and want accountability? Join my group today!

Stay Connected

What's your challenge?


Hi, I'm Coach Jen

Running Coach, 25+ Year Endurance Runner, and Certified Personal Trainer

As a running coach and personal trainer, it is my passion to help others become the best version of themselves! I truly love working with those seeking to improve.

Jennifer is so encouraging. She is very enthusiastic and makes the runs fun with her positive attitude. I have more confidence that I will be able to hit my 1/2 marathon goal training with her. ~Karen


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