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From beginner to experienced, my personalized coaching is for the runner seeking ways to improve. Let that be pace, form, speed, finish time. Are you preparing for an event, want to PR your next race, learning to run? Maybe you simply need more direction and support. I can help you get there... I deliver results.

What's your ambition?

  • Learn to run properly

  • Run your first 5k

  • Increase / consistent pace

  • Improve race performance

  • 10k-15k

  • Half marathon

  • Full marathon

  • Ultra distances

What you can expect from me...

I will personally develop your training program and be your coach from start through your goal. This will be more than some training plan to follow.

  • Develop a tailored run training program​

  • Set realistic goals you can achieve

  • Maximize your potential

  • Guide you to train more efficiently

  • Implement strategies to avoid over-training

  • Have a purpose for each training run

  • Minimize the possibility of injuries

The program I develop for you will be based on your goals and where you are at in your running journey. With proper guidance, structure forms habits, habits generate better results.

Program structure...

  • Long runs

  • Tempo runs

  • Intervals

  • Hill repeats

  • Easy runs

  • Recovery runs

  • Rest periods

  • Cross-training

  • Strength training

  • Running psychology

One key aspect of my personalized run coaching is coaching calls. We will have a weekly call to review your runs, answer questions, get you prepared for the following-weeks' runs.


Pending your needs, we may want to dive into the psychology of running; what are some mental roadblocks you are encountering. Each week, we will extend our weekly coaching call to address your emotional state. We may also incorporate other fitness regimens, such as strength training, and review a few primary determinants of endurance running performance… mechanical (technology), bio-mechanical, and psycho-physiological.

  • Customized training plan

  • Review of existing habits and what changes may be needed

  • Unlimited feedback

  • Weekly coaching call or video chat

  • Running analysis; make any necessary adjustments

  • Recovery program

  • Access to a training app to log your runs and other activities

  • Primary determinants of endurance performance review

  • Functional Movement Screen (FBS), and reassessments

  • Periodized strength training plan (Phases 1-IV)

  • Progressive resistance and strength training program (changes every 6 weeks)

Training Schedule: Training can be a combination of online and in-person sessions.

Cost: Program-specific

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Jennifer is so encouraging. She is very enthusiastic and makes the runs fun with her positive attitude. I have more confidence that I will be able to hit my 1/2 marathon goal training with her. ~Karen


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