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Meet Coach Jen


Running Coach, Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Certified Nutritionist

I'm all about fitness! I've been an endurance runner for better than 25 years. To-date, I've completed 25 Marathons, 100 Halfs, and a few ultras. Professionally, I have been a health coach, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and running coach since 2008. I blend my passion and knowledge of fitness into coaching all ages and abilities, from the beginner runner to finish their first 5K, to the veteran runner in setting an ultra PR! When not working-out, running, or coaching, I love traveling and reading, residing in the Dallas, Texas area with my husband and daughter.

Jennifer is so encouraging. She is very enthusiastic and makes the runs fun with her positive attitude. I have more confidence that I will be able to hit my 1/2 marathon goal training with her. ~Karen


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