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One-on-One Coaching

Personal Training that compliments any fitness endeavor.

Hi, I'm Jennifer; I'm all about fitness! Personal training can mean a lot of things, from strength training to cardio. One size does not fit all. The program I design for you will include exercise-screening, goal-setting, health education, and motivation. What we focus on will really depend on your goals, environment, and needs. Regardless, it is my responsibility to design a workout routine that will challenge you to help you achieve the results you're looking for.

Types of training available:

  • Individual exercise plans

  • Weight loss/gain strategies

  • Monthly workouts to keep you focused

  • Sport-specific training

  • Personal training programs for seniors and youth

  • Health/Fitness level goal setting

  • Injury recovery training plan

Training Schedule: Training can be a combination of online and in-person sessions.

Cost: Program-Specific

Make an Inquiry:

Jennifer is so encouraging. She is very enthusiastic and makes the runs fun with her positive attitude. I have more confidence that I will be able to hit my 1/2 marathon goal training with her. ~Karen


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