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This is not an aggressive, race-training program. I certainly will help you reach whatever goal you set, i.e. running a 5k. However, no race goal is expected. This program is geared towards those wanting an intro to running, or to improve some aspect of their running.


12-Week Interactive Running and Fitness Program

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy. Whether you're a new runner, or looking to improve your running, I can help you get there.


Training Plan

Receive a tailored training plan for the duration of the program. We'll have an initial consultation to understand your goals and abilities. 


One-on-One Training Sessions with Coach Jen

This is your opportunity to visit with me and get my direct feedback about your running. For those outside the market... In lieu of the training sessions, we will have video calls.


Frequent Running/Fitness Challenges

To help keep you engaged and motivated, I will have frequent running or fitness workouts that will challenge you. These are not meant to be a group competition. just helping each improve.


Private Facebook Group Access

Mingle with others and receive feedback from me on your progress or hurdles.

  • 12-week flexible, interactive running and fitness program

  • Training plan to get you through the program, or help set your sights on a specific goal

  • One-on-one training sessions with Coach Jen

  • Frequent running/fitness challenges

  • Access to a private Facebook Group; get feedback from me and your fellow participants

  • Track your progress in a mobile Training app

  • Strength training


Mobile Training App

Access workouts and track your progress in my Get Fit With Jen branded mobile app


Strength Training

This is not about bulking up. We will work on strengthening your running-related muscles, increase stability, and use motion to help build a stronger core.

One-on-one sessions: Each participant will get 4 sessions with me, to be held at either Andrew Brown Park, Coppell, TX, or Doubletree Ranch Park, Highland Village, TX. For those outside of the market, we will have video calls.

"Hey Jen!  Just wanted to thank you for starting up this 90- day run challenge!  This has been the best running plan for me ever.  I am so motivated and I have been really sticking to it.  I’m already thinking ahead to the next phase and a new plan after this one is up.  I am enjoying running more than I ever have and I look forward to my running days instead of dreading them." ~Kim



  • First-time runners

  • Those getting back into running

  • Runners looking to improve

  • Introduction to race training and preparation

  • Gearing up for a specific race



Although there can be paralysis by analysis, you should track your progress. This will help you see how you're doing. It also helps me be able to provide proper feedback.

If you're new to running, this data may not mean much initially. There will be a wide spread, but this is where I will provide input and keep you motivated to reaching your goal.


FREE membership to my Private Facebook Group.

  • Join a running community

  • Monthly run challenges

  • Accountability, continued motivational support beyond this program

  • Race updates

  • Continued running topics and tips



  • Strength training workouts

  • Exercises to help runners' mobility, stability, and balance

  • Mobile training & tracking app

  • Live workouts






Without a coach, you are prone to do a number of things, i.e. not run the mileage, fudge the miles, or what I find myself doing... Running junk miles w/o a goal. I will help you stay on track and keep you progressing towards your goal.

Confidence Builder

How often do you think about your running goals, yet never to get started or it fizzles out. In many cases, it is a matter of confidence. Not saying you are 'weak', it simply is a fact that when alone, you're possibly intimidated, or otherwise, disconnected. I can help you stay the course and battle through those emotions.


This is often the deterrent from succeeding at your goal... Inappropriate or insufficient planning. Don't get me wrong, action is the most important piece of any goal, but without proper planning for a running race, you are sure to get injured or fall short of the finish line... I want to get you across the line.


These days, we look to our fancy smart devices to provide us feedback. With a Garmin, for instance, you can get all kinds of running-related information. However, how do you know what that all means? This is where I come in. I will help you understand your progress and provide feedback to help you through.

Every Athlete Needs a Coach

Heck, even professional athletes need a coach. If it's a stigma, let it go. Having a coach will help you get to where you want to be, though YOU are still required to put in the effort. Don't let anyone tell you going it alone is better... You're still required to run the mileage, you simply need some direction.



Running Coach, Endurance Runner, Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Certified Nutrionist

I'm all about fitness! In addition to a personal training routine, I've been an endurance runner nearly 25 years. To-date, I have completed 24 Marathons, 88 Half Marathons, 3 Ultra's and hundreds of distances between. Professionally, I have been a running coach, health coach, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor since 2008. I blend my passion and knowledge of fitness into coaching all ages and abilities, from the person looking to get back into shape, the beginner runner to finish their first 5K, to the veteran runner in setting an ultra PR! When not working-out, running, or coaching, I love travel, reading, and a good boot camp! I reside in Dallas, Texas with my husband, Scott, and daughter, Hailey.


Jennifer is so encouraging. She is very enthusiastic and makes the runs fun with her positive attitude. I have more confidence that I will be able to hit my 1/2 marathon goal training with her. ~Karen


Have a question for me before committing? Schedule a free coaching call...

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